Peggy Ruse

Peggy Ruse

Job Title: 
Grants, Contracts and Compliance

I am a San Franciscan living near the mighty Pacific Ocean. I am a sailor, amateur naturalist, yogi, hiker, improv practitioner, writer, entrepreneur,and former marathon runner. I hold undergraduate and graduate degrees from a well-respected university.  I lived in Sweden and speak Swedish. I am a public education docent at a prestigious science institute. I am particularly interested in empowerment of women and girls, science, the open movment, and water resources. 

What are the biggest opportunities for change in education?: 

Getting out of the classroom and into the "field" whether it be a laboratory, nature, factory, business, or another country. The entire "open" arena whether it be copyleft, opensource, open access journals, open textbooks etc.

What does collaboration mean to you?: 

Collaboration means sharing ideas, opinions, experiences, emotions in a meaningful, useful, non-pejorative manner even when you do not agree.

What's your most memorable ISKME moment?: 

Experiencing the maxims of improvisation successfully used on a regular basis.