Petrides, L. A.
November 01, 2003
 Petrides, L. A. (Nov. 2003). “Turning Data Into Decisions,” Business Officer, 37(5), 25-28.
Petrides, L. A. (Nov. 2003). “Turning Data Into Decisions,” Business Officer, 37(5), 25-28. 
Petrides, L.A.
October 01, 2003
New information technologies enable community colleges to develop a better understanding of the needs and desires of their students, as well as to deploy traditional services to students that include new interactive components. Information technology (IT) has not only...
Petrides, L.A. (Oct./Nov. 2003). “Supporting Student Services and Learning Through Interactive Technologies,”Community College Journal, 74(2), 48-51.
Petrides, L. A., & Nodine, T.
May 01, 2003
 Corporations and educational institutions are different, but they share many of the same barriers that stop people from effectively sharing information. Here, Lisa Petrides and That Nodine describe how schools,c olleges, and universities in the US have applied KM...
Petrides, L. A., & Nodine, T. (May/June 2003). “What Schools Can Teach the Corporate World: Balancing People, Processes, and Technology in Education,” KM Review, 6(2), 28-31.
Petrides, L. A.
January 01, 2003
Community college presidents face a daunting challenge in trying to manage and guide an organization that is, by its nature, decentralized and bureaucratic in its decision- making processes, and at the same time they face external demands for greater accountability and...
Petrides, L. A. (Oct. 2003). “Strategic Planning and Information Use: The Role of Institutional Leadership in the Community College,” On The Horizon, 11(4), 10-14.
Lisa Petrides
July 01, 2002
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Information Technology Teaching Cases Newsletter, Volume2, No. 1, July 2002