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Lisa Petrides: 'Superman' Puts Spotlight on Education
The Huffington Post,   September 28, 2010

On opening night I got to see the new documentary by Davis Guggenheim, "Waiting for 'Superman'," a film that is bringing cognitive dissonance to educators across the country. Before that, I had read a dozen or so well-written blogs that had described in detail the movie's "anti-teacher, union-bashing and pro-charter school stance...
Education Week's Digital Directions: Open-Content Licensing
Digital Directions,   July 23, 2010

As the movement for “open” education resources continues to grow, encouraging educators to share online curricula and materials for free, it’s become vital for ed-tech leaders and classroom teachers to understand the different types of licenses that make the process legal and safe.
CC Talks with ISKME's Lisa Petrides: Open Education and Policy
Creative Commons CC Talks Series,   June 29, 2010

Creative Commons interviews ISKME Founder Lisa Petrides on Open Educational Resources and policy.
ISKME's Lisa Petrides: Open Education and Policy | New Media Rights
New Media Rights,   June 29, 2010

CC Talks with ISKME's Lisa Petrides on Open Education and policy.
ISKME's Big Ideas Fest 2009 Program Highlights
Inside Out,   May 10, 2010

ArtsEd Brewster Kahle (keynote speaker), Founder, Internet Archive "It's when things are going [economically] down that people start to say I have to work together with other people in ways that I didn't have to before. And so I think we're in pretty good shape now that some the economy stuff is in trouble. [This will] cause some...
Open Educational Resources > OER Search by ISKME
Spectrum > Mobile Learning, Libraries, And Technologies,   March 4, 2010

OER Search [App] provides a quick and easy way to discover high quality open educational resources that are freely available online. Search from 30,000 resources that have been curated by educators, from over 300 collections and providers. OER Search is your guide to explore the growing world of open education and universal access to all knowledge.
A Custom Fit
THE Journal,   March 1, 2010

The movement toward open educational resources turns teachers into the shapers of curriculum, mixing and matching educational materials to create content that is tailor-made for the needs of their students.
OER Friday: Removing the Silos in Education
Curriki,   February 12, 2010

 Dr. Lisa Petrides, president and founder of the Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education, recently posted a blog entry that wonderfully articulates the increasingly important roll of the open education resource movement in education. She writes:  At ISKME, our research in open education and also in working with...
Open Educational Resources: The Education Ecosystem Comes to Life
Open Source dot com,   January 29, 2010

I was asked to explain why the introduction of open educational resources into the education ecosystem might in fact be one of the most important things that has happened to education in the last 100 years. I guess in centuries before we might have said that it was the Socratic Method, or the advent of public schooling, or teaching to the agrarian...
Reaching Students Through STEM and the Arts
National Science Teachers Association,   January 7, 2010

Teachers of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) are discovering that by adding an “A”—the arts—to STEM, learning will pick up STEAM. “Students remember science learning situations that contain multi-sensory, hands-on activities or experiments,” which the arts can bring to science lessons,...
Get Ivy League smarts - free - Top universities are now posting lectures online
CNN Money,   October 30, 2009

(Money Magazine) -- Last autumn I took time off to go back to school. The timing turned out to be just right: My American economic history course at the University of California at Berkeley got to the Great Depression in early October, around the time everyone became convinced we were about to have another one.
Coastside child care: Needs met for some, parents get proactive
Coastsider,   September 28, 2009

Shortfalls in meeting child care needs for San Mateo County Coastside families is a growing community concern. The Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education (ISKME) recently completed a study to assess parental satisfaction with Coastside child care, including existing challenges and future suggestions for change.