ISKME In the News

SeniorNet First Discovery Tool Usability Study
SeniorNet,   July 22, 2016

Recently we were asked to participate in the usability testing of a new application and technology called the First Discovery Tool. The usability test is a part of a larger project that seeks to help people personalize an approach to accessibility and removing barriers to the access to digital content. Read more here. Click here to learn more...
UNESCO Develops Indicators To Monitor National Adoption And Impact Of Open Educational Resources
UNESCO,   May 12, 2016

An Experts Meeting was organized by UNESCO from 15 to 16 November 2016 at its Paris Headquarters to develop a set of key Open Education Resources (OER) indicators for national adoption and impact. Formally adopted at the 2012 World Open Educational Resources Congress, the 2012 Paris OER Declaration marks a historic moment in the growing movement...
The Role Of "Open" In Strategic Library Planning
Education Policy Analysis Archives,   March 28, 2016

Education Policy Analysis Archives is a peer reviewed, independent, open access, multilingual journal. EPAA/AAPE just published a special issue & two videos commentaries (in English) Models of Open Education in Higher Education Co-Guest Editors Lisa Petrides & Cynthia Jimes Read more here
Small School Collaboration
CORELABORATE,   March 25, 2016

Faculty in small isolated districts often wear several hats: they teach, head departments, evaluate curricula and oversee professional development.  Chances for broader collaboration are often rare, but creative Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) help remedy and improve student learning. Read more here.
Open Education Resources Transforming Learning And Teaching
Blog Talk Radio,   March 23, 2016

Dr Lisa Petrides, CEO of The Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education  on the work of her organization  and the importance of sharing and collaboration. Listen Here.  
Learn How to Facilitate an Action Collab
ISKME,   March 4, 2016

Sign up for one of our upcoming Action Collab Facilitator Training sessions! Action Collabs help groups discover innovative fixes to practical challenges and create real value for educators and learners. It is a collaborative approach to problem-solving that combines human-centered design-thinking concepts with improvisation techniques to unlock a...
STEM Literacy and OER Commons
Open Education Week,   February 29, 2016

ISKME will be presenting the first in a series of OER webinars, on STEM Literacy & OER Commons. This webinar will guide attendees through using OER to address STEM inquiry through literacy, targeting CCSS science literacy as well as science inquiry standards, by using a collaborative toolset on OER Commons. We will introduce the new STEM...
OER And You. The Curation Mandate
School Library Journal ,   February 28, 2016

At the #GoOpen Exchange on Friday, everyone was talking about OER and the need to curate.  The Twiter feed shows the buzz around the trending event and it shows school librarians were at the table. As the initiative moves forward, it is critical for us to choose to be at the head of this particular table. Read More.
U.S. Department of Education Recognizes 14 States and 40 Districts Committing to #GoOpen with Educational Resources
U.S. Department of Education,   February 26, 2016

The U.S. Department of Education today announced the launch of 13 statewide #GoOpen initiatives committed to supporting school districts and educators as they transition to the use of high-quality, openly-licensed educational resources in their schools. This inaugural cohort of #GoOpen states joins leaders from an expanding number of #GoOpen...
Empowering School Librarians By Understanding Open Ed Resources
Blog Talk Radio,   February 24, 2016

Amee Godwin talks about Granite State's online school of education's new course for school librarian and administrative leadership. Listen here.  
My First Big Ideas Fest
Teacher Bites,   February 21, 2016

I reflect how the Big Ideas Fest was an amazing experience for me. In fact, it has rejuvenated my commitment in education. 
OER Commons - A Good Place for Common Core Aligned Resources
Greenhaus Education,   February 18, 2016

There are a lot of Open Educational Resources out there, which is exciting if you are a teacher, as you can find myriad of lessons and ideas.  The big issue with OER is of course the quality of what you find, does it really align to your instructional goals, and naturally, do you have the time to search through possibly hundreds of resources...