"[I had an] unbelievable, mind-numbing, breathtaking experience in all levels of the Fest."
Big Ideas Fest Participant, 2010
"The Big Ideas Fest stimulated me to take a fresh look at the entire field of education; to set aside my long-standing assumptions and question my old paradigms."
Big Ideas Fest Participant, 2010
"You contributed such a wealth of information and resources which were highly valued and appreciated by the attendees, the Board and myself. Thank you for all the work you do to better the teaching and learning of students and teachers in our area. Your contributions and input make a difference."
Diana Paradise, Coordinator of Staff Development in Educational Technology
Santa Clara County Office of Education
"It helped expand my view, taking me out of my day-to-day and mixing it up with so many interesting people from different fields. Also the exposure to innovative technology and innovative uses of technology was great!"
Big Ideas Fest Participant, 2010
"I am so happy that I attended the Arts+Open=Change Event. I have now incorpoorated what I gained from that wonderful day into my regular routine...Thanks for the creative energy boost!"
Arts+Open=Change Participant, 2010
"I really appreciated being exposed to a variety of education thinkers' and leaders' thoughts about their projects, including actionable insights."  
Big Ideas Fest Participant, 2010
"As a think tank committed to applied research, ISKME is at the center of research and practice in a rapidly growing field of data and information management. Coupled with a firm grasp of the nature of schools as organizations and the work of adults within them, ISKME is well positioned to help education institutions increase their capacity for knowledge-based decision making."
Anthony Bryk, Director
Center for School Improvement, University of Chicago
"[The research of Dr. Petrides] has been an extremely beneficial way of holding up a mirror to ourselves, allowing us to more closely examine the obstacles and best practices within our culture of learning. It has been fascinating to learn more about how we continue to do our jobs despite the fact that we have been operating with a less than desirable information support system. From a national perspective, there is a growing need for research that will allow community colleges to assess the effectiveness of their programs and better understand their impact on students."
Leo Chavez, Former Chancellor
Foothill De Anza Community College District
"Institutions are under pressure at the state and federal level to meet new accountability requirements, reduce duplication in programs, and demonstrate student learning. ISKME provides valuable research, tools, and expertise to help college officials make wise decisions about allocating resources, planning for the future, and building sound infrastructure. The timing couldn't be better for this kind of work."
Mike Eisenberg, Professor and Dean
Information School, University of Washington
"ISKME is at the forefront of the new research that is coming out about effective methods of adapting knowledge management techniques for schools. They have a deep understanding of the field and what works in real-world environments that they can use to help school districts build the capacity to better serve students, faculty, and the public."
Michael Kirst, Professor of Education and Business Administration
Stanford University
"I would like to share with you that I found your resources beyond impressive. I am currently involved with supporting teachers in developing "globally marketable skills" in our K-12 public charter school students. The challenge continues to be finding relevant and rigorous resources matched to the aim of our school. I don't believe I've found any other site with the wealth of resources as oercommons.org provides. Thank you for your wonderful contributions!"
Sebastian Cognetta, CEO
Aveson Educational Cooperative