Remote Teaching & Learning with OER

Our team at ISKME has been closely following the news of school closures due to the coronavirus. In addition to accessing resources in our digital public library, you can benefit from the work done by our Hub partners for remote teaching and learning. The work our partners have done to curate collections can help you set up your online courses. Since the school closure announcements, our librarians have been working diligently to pull together a K-12 Remote Learning Hub that can support you in discovering resources by grade, subject area, or provider. Once you click on a collection, you can refine it by selecting different fields, such as material type, on the left hand side of the page, under Filter Resources. 

Within the following Hubs you can find instructional materials for K12, higher education, covering global health, and ICT education:

K-12 Remote Learning

Common Core

Washington's Office of Public Instruction has been curating and creating resources for continuous learning

Open Textbooks (Higher Education)

Nordic University Health has been creating and curating global health, public health, and medical science lectures, videos, assignments datasets, and more 

UNESCO ICT Competency Framework for Teachers

Make It Place Hub has a group where they are curating pandemic resources for Libraries 

Our library partners have also curated specific collections for remote learning:

  • Sun West Schools has created a Learning at Home Hub on their Resource Bank
  • North Carolina Department of Public Instruction has developed a Remote Learning Resources Hub composed of grade-level and subject-based Groups.
  • Virginia Department of Education has created a collection of instructional resources for schools experiencing extended closures. Here is a link to those collections on GoOpenVA

Anthropology Faculty from throughout the United States are collaborating to create and share a collection of mini lectures and supplimental materials to assist college and university instructors who were are shifting their courses online.

Teacher Education Faculty are working on a Clinical Practice Support resource to help teacher education faculty facilitate virtual clinical practice experience during school closures.

Do you need LTI integrations for your OER content? We offer integrations with Google Classroom (at the resource level) and support LMS integrations with the majority of systems. If you need assistance in setting these up, please contact us at or request your credentials in this Google form.

We’ve always been amazed by our community’s generosity in sharing best practices around open, community, and collaboration. We are also here to support you--please don’t hesitate to ask. 



March 16, 2020