Turn on, Tune in, Drop into Improv

We’ve built in “improv"–the improvisational method of achieving cooperation–into the DNA of Action Collabs that we offer at ISKME. Most recently, a writer from San Francisco’s KQED Mind/Shift called out our use of improv at our annual Big Ideas Fest. If you check out Linda Flanagan’s post on improv for educators, you’ll see some great examples of how we use improv during our Action Collabs, for both Big Ideas Fest and external Action Collabs that we do throughout the year for schools, colleges, foundations, and other organizations that want to explore new ways of creating solutions to challenges they are facing. Improv expert Chris Miller has helped to embed improv within ISKME’s Action Collabs as a way to teach educators to expand their imaginations -- by moving their bodies, engaging in spontaneous ”yes, and” responses, and creating deliberate and mindful collaboration with peers through play.

What happens to Big Ideas Fest participants after they experience the improv sessions in the Action Collabs?

“It’s mind blowing,” said one educator, “I’m much more open to new ideas, feel present in the moment, and have learned to reach out and collaborate with others to come up with truly creative and effective ways of learning.”

And that’s the intention of the improv exercises, according to Andrea Saveri, director of Action Collab Services for ISKME. “We are determined to support and catalyze grassroots transformation of education from the bottom up.”





February 09, 2015