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The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation’s OER Grantees Meeting 2014

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It’s 2014, and we have come a long way since the launch of the OER movement – from small beginnings to significant inroads among educators, learners, advocates and policymakers. Together we are changing the way teachers and learners access and use educational resources, offering new ways for schools, universities, and informal learners to use data and creating tools that improve student learning. We are also anticipating our coming together as a community, and with it, the opportunity to reflect on our achievements and a chance to imagine our future success stories.

The focus of this year’s meeting is on exploring both the value proposition of OER and evidence of its impact. In addition to hearing outstanding speakers, terrific networking opportunities, and, of course, an OER Dessert Party “Under the Stars,” participants will take part in sessions that lay out a process for articulating the value proposition of OER in action, and have the chance to build upon their own use cases, and receive feedback from other OER users and makers.

Upon leaving the meeting, participants will be able to articulate the particular value their OER work provides; cite supporting evidence for their OER project’s approach; and to learn about other OER efforts that relate to their own work.

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View video of all talks from the Hewlett OER Grantees Meeting 2014 here:



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Speaker Presentations:
  • Barbara Chow, Education Program Director, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, OER and Mainstream Adoption
  • Nicole Allen, Director of Open Education, SPARC
  • Mark Horner, Chief Executive Officer, Siyavula Education
  • Elizabeth Marincola, Chief Executive Officer, Public Library of Science
  • Kathy Nicholson, Manager, Application Development and Support, IT & Program Officer, Education, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, OER World Map Prototypes
  • Nathaniel Manning, Director of Business and Strategy, Ushahidi
  • Nicolas Weidinger and Sean Wheeler, Founders, The WikiSeat Project
  • Megan Simmons and Cynthia Jimes, Education Program Manager and Director of Research, ISKME : OER value proposition