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Development of a Knowledge Collaborative for Cross-Organizational Learning (KCCOL)

Project Start Date: 

With support from the Metlife Foundation, ISKME has been facilitating a Knowledge Collaborative for Cross-Organizational Learning (KCCOL) for seven grantee organizations, including: Learning Forward, Asia Society’s Partnership for Global Learning, New Teacher Center, College Summit, Education Trust, New Leaders for New Schools, and the Center for Teaching Quality. The goal of this project is to foster collaboration across the participating grantee organizations to create a shared voice and joint action around education reform issues of importance to them. 

Our Role: 

By promoting the use of the KCollab (an ISKME-created web-based platform) and a set of processes to support cross-organizational learning among the seven MetLife grantees, ISKME has sought to explore and apply research-based practices for knowledge sharing and collaboration among them. The general theory of action on which this work is based is that as KCollab users interact with content on the site and with each other over time, it is hypothesized that the grantees become more knowledgeable about their colleagues, leading to increased sharing and collaboration.

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Research Questions: 

What does knowledge sharing and collaboration look like in an online community of practice? Does knowledge sharing in an online environment "evolve" from lurker-like behaviors to more complex and trust-based sharing and co-creation, or are other processes at play? What practices best facilitate collaboration among grantees?

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