Information Audit of the Field of Education Philanthropy

Project Start Date: 

ISKME conducted an information audit for Grantmakers for Education (GFE), seeking to develop a better understanding of GFE members’ information needs prior to the design and implementation of an internal knowledge management system.


Our Role: 

ISKME conducted a series of 30 interviews and 2 focus groups with a subset of GFE members in order to determine the various outcomes and objectives for such a system; to identify what information people most desire in their work; to assess their potential need for the system and the extent to which they would use it; to determine how these needs differ by segments; and to identify existing or emerging communities of practice that could be used to build support for and use of the system. Additionally, findings from the audit were used to inform the design and architecture of the system and identify the need for, and design of, possible taxonomies.


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CC BY-SA 2.0 by fsse8info

Grantmakers share several common patterns in information gathering and use. They share a wide variety of needs for information, as well as some pressing needs for expanding their networking opportunities. In general, they appear to be driven by an appreciation of learning, and there appears to be a trend toward greater partnering and collaboration in the field, though this trend is not as pronounced as many in the field would like to see.

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