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ISKME GoPro Learning Challenge: Education’s Digital Media Uprising

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ISKME is pushing the boundaries of learning innovation at Big Ideas Fest by joining forces with GoPro, the world’s leading activity image capture company, in order to inspire creativity inside and outside the classroom using GoPro cameras. 

Participants will create a great idea for educational content that makes use of a GoPro camera. Each awardee will win two (2) GoPro cameras to create their proposed GoPro video content accompanied by at least one complete lesson for teachers to use in their classrooms. 

What makes a great ISKME GoPro Learning Challenge idea?

  • Innovation: The extent to which the idea represents a novel idea for impacting student learning using GoPro cameras.
  • Efficacy: The idea is do-able, scalable or reusable, and will have the intended results.
  • Engagement: The idea offers teachers and students opportunities for interactive engagement that are integrated with relevant learning goals.

All materials will be openly licensed and shared on, and promoted by ISKME through blog posts, Big Ideas Fest newsletter, and various social media channels.



Big thanks to those of you in the BIFnik community who participated in the ISKME GoPro Learning Challenge. We received many fantastic submissions that were scored by judges with expertise in classroom use of digital media resources. The resulting educational resources will be available for anyone to use on OER Commons at the end of this year. Congratulations to the five winners:

  • Allison Barajas - Prism Consortium, St. Lucie Public Schools 
  • Tim Farquer - Williamsfield Schools 
  • Hayleigh Hanson - Hamilton Central School 
  • William Jones - Hamilton Central School 
  • Sara Layton - Mountain Heights Academy

Check out the top five submissions here. We're looking forward to working with these amazing educators to bring their ideas to fruition! 

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