Moving Knowledge Collaboration to Solutions that Scale

Project Start Date: 

As part of the Lumina Foundation for Education's national College Productivity Initiative, ISKME has implemented and continues to facilitate an online collaborative environment for learning and knowledge exchange, called College Productivity. Our role as connector and broker for knowledge sharing engages state College Productivity teams and other project participants in adapting learning processes that apply research, expert knowledge, and cross-state strategies across a set of shared challenges. Our work enables emergent collaborative behaviors and fosters communication and synergy among the state teams and partners.








Our Role: 


During the first year of the project, dubbed the “Learning Year,” we framed knowledge-sharing activities around the evocative question, “How will we know what we’ve learned?” ISKME has been researching and measuring project learning by identifying how knowledge is transmitted and transformed through individual participants and groups. Now in a new phase of the project, ISKME will be deepening and extending its research-based role by developing diagnostics that will be used to encapsulate a comprehensive process for facilitating knowledge sharing. ISKME recognizes enormous potential for the project to support stakeholders in becoming key voices in the productivity arena and in allowing those voices to discuss, debate, and share in a way that reinvents innovative solutions that can truly impact higher education productivity.

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