Landscape of Online Developmental Education Courses for Community College Students

Project Start Date: 

This research mapped the coverage of existing online courses and modules used by community colleges. It provided a general understanding of the current landscape in terms of identifying online courses that were available for community college students, specficially courses that have the greatest potential for impact, such as developmental and basic skills courses, and other courses important in the 2- to 4-year college transfer process.


Our Role: 

The project began by first establishing criteria for surveying online courses within CA community colleges and CA State Universities (CSUs), as well as surveying individuals and organizations that led these types of intiatives in order to understand the types of development underway. The project also looked at course development and implementation in terms of how courses are vetted for quality and where some of the most innovative work was currently taking place.

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CC BY-NC 2.0 by dharder9475
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