OER Commons Arabic

Project Start Date: 

Developed by ISKME, the OER Commons Arabic “micro-site” (currently featuring 413 resources, primarily K-12 focused) is built on the existing framework of OER Commons. As such, it contains the full functionality of that site, including a system for saving priority content and the Open Author tool, which allows educators to build and remix content. OER Commons Arabic will also feature a custom Arabic Language Learning Resources community – developed as a joint effort by ISKME and a consortium with partners from The Center for Languages, Arts and Societies of the Silk Road (CLASSRoad) and the Language Acquisition Resource Center (LARC) at San Diego State University, Situated within OER Commons Arabic, the custom community will offer up-to-date, accessible information about instruction, course materials and opportunities for Arabic language educators and students, for designers and administrators of Arabic language programs, and for the general public. 

Our Role: 

During the initial launch phase, ISKME has shifted the OER Commons interface into Arabic and included search and metadata descriptions in both Arabic and English. A special alignment tool has also been developed for tagging and querying resources by Qatar’s Supreme Education Council (SEC) achievement standards for Science, Mathematics and English, and by the U.S. Common Core State Standards. In addition, ISKME has accomplished a successful test upload of the Arabic Language Learning Resources community into OER Commons Arabic, and will now oversee a period of design feedback and evaluation between ISKME and partner researchers.

Service Areas: