OER Fellowship Program

Project Start Date: 

ISKME’s Open Educational Resources (OER) Fellowship Program mentors educational leaders to champion OER into classrooms, school districts, and communities.

Our Role: 

OER Fellows graduate the program with the ability to:

  • Collaborate, create, and share innovative OER Projects
  • Mentor educators who are new to OER
  • Advocate for the use of OER in their communities
  • Incorporate technology tools (wikis, blogs, Twitter, Flickr, OER Commons) into their teaching practice

Fellows work together to share teaching strategies, innovative ideas, and curricular resources as they forge new pathways in K-20 teaching collaboration. Throughout the program, ISKME facilitates Fellows’ professional development through digital, social, and peer-based learning. ISKME’s approach leverages fellows’ existing practices and adds ISKME’s OER Commons (www.oercommons.org) network as an open teaching and learning resource.

ISKME’s OER Fellowship project, supported by the Hewlett Foundation, has the following goals:

  • Engage in-service and pre-service teachers in trainings focused on collaborative learning strategies and shared online resources and processes
  • Develop and share a training model for others to use and adapt
  • Create a network that supports OER awareness and use in education


  • Fall/Winter – Online training sessions; content creation; reporting and feedback
  • Spring – Social networking; co-facilitation and mentoring through training webinars and in-person workshops presentations; documenting teaching resources used; student project creation
  • Summer – Present and facilitate OER trainings; share and reflect on OER student projects.
  • Fall - Present and get feedback on OER Projects, create reflection videos and closing interviews.

Completion Requirements:

  • Participate in a minimum of six of  OER training workshops either online or in-person.
  • Develop and document an OER curriculum project for a classroom setting that consists of three or more new or adapted open digital resources, such as inquiries, lessons, and hands-on activities. Potential OER project focus areas include arts integration, STEM, Arabic language, accessibility, online learning, and Common Core Standards.
  • Evaluate the quality of OER materials.
  • Incorporate student work and feedback into a project using text, photos, and video.
  • Use project and resources in the classroom setting on at least three occasions. Reflect on experiences in discussion and written formats.
  • Communicate and collaborate with other OER fellows online and in-person in monthly meetings.
  • Contribute to OER online professional development course design and creation, mentoring and facilitation.
  • Introduce colleagues to OER and collaborative processes.
  • Present at virtual and in-person trainings about: learnings and experiences with OER processes, the Fellowship Program, and the potential for the widespread impact of OER.
  • Document and give feedback to ISKME on the impact of the Fellowship Program through a survey, interview and video reflection.

Please contact ISKME's Education Program Manager, Megan Simmons, at megan@iskme.org for more information and to learn how you can bring the OER Fellowship Program to your community.

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2010 OER Fellow & Montana Teaching Artist Allison McGree's Reflection Video
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