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A Study of Factors that Contribute to the Localization of Open Educational Resources

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What Makes Resources “travel well?” Educators are accessing and using Open Educational Resources (OER), but little is known about the reuse of resources, and what makes them localizable across multiple teaching and learning situations. In an effort to better understand user needs and OER reusability, ISKME has conducted research to explore a resource’s ability to “travel well," meaning its ability to be used and reused in a context different from that which it may have been originally intended. 

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ISKME’s research, conducted in collaboration with European Schoolnet (EUN), has used surveys and informal focus groups with college level biology instructors to assess the factors that contribute to a resource’s ability to be used and reused to meet teachers’ teaching and learning needs around the globe. EUN and ISKME have also jointly participated in a feasibility project funded by the Hewlett Foundation to examine how an international teacher network could help identify K-12 OER content that can be used across geographic and linguistic borders.

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What Makes Resources “Travel Well?”

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