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Senior Product Manager, Field Building

Science Collaborator: Open Participatory Learning Infrastructure for Education (SCOPE)

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As an innovative approach to faculty professional development, SCOPE was an NSF-supported exploratory project led by BioQuest that investigated the development and use of Problem Spaces with respect to 1) their utility as a focus for faculty teaching scholarship; and, 2) their potential impacts on students' biological problem solving skills. Introductory biology faculty from disparate institutional settings collaboratively developed online curricular resources and strategies to support students' work on contemporary scientific investigations.


Our Role: 

As a project partner, ISKME contributed to the development of a "collaboratory" framework focused on bridging the project's goals of participatory learning, teacher collaboration, and OER content creation and use. The framework was then implemented in a series of workshops with SCOPE participants. In addition, ISKME aggregated new and existing Problem Spaces on its OER Commons site. These collaboratively created resources offered community-built access to current scientific data, strategies, and tools for both the teacher and their learners as they engaged in exploration of contemporary science problems.

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