Strategy, Development and Impact of the Foothill De Anza Early Alert Project

Project Start Date: 

This project involved facilitating a community college district in their design of a virtual collaboration and feedback system that bridged the needs of academic instruction and student support services in one centralized information system. This Early Alert System (EAS) electronically identified, tracked, and provided feedback for students who were at risk for not completing a particular course. The goals of the project were to increase the likelihood that a student would complete a particular course with a passing grade, while at the same time, creating an iterative feedback loop between counselors and faculty about students, so that a more encompassing, collaborative environment of support and intervention could be created for students.

Our Role: 

The team worked with student services and academic instructors to develop language and processes around assigning alerts to students within the EAS, and facilitated multi-channel communication and documentation around student performance and interventions. They also worked to implement the EAS within the existing information system at the district. Ultimately, the purpose was to enable the district to track and assess successful and unsuccessful interventions over time and to improve the institutional memory and learnings around student intervention.

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