Thematic Analysis of Govenors State-of-the-State Addresses, 2006-2009

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At the onset of each calendar year, most governors of the states and U.S. territories deliver state-of-the-state addresses outlining the previous year's accomplishments and/or plans and challenges for the upcoming year.

Our Role: 

In order to gain a broad understanding of the issues and challenges facing states and territories, ISKME analyzed the governors’ state-of-the-state addresses and reported the findings. The reports, spanning 2006-2009, highlight the issues by state and the overall trends nationwide. The analyses and reports are supported by the National Governors Association.

Based on its analyses of central themes within the governors’ state-of-the-state addresses, ISKME has created interactive maps using an open source mapping tool. The maps provide a way to engage users around education-centered themes from the addresses. For both 2006 and 2007, users can, for example, see which governors focus on STEM curriculum, involving increased parental involvement in schools, and which governors support early childhood education.


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