UC Berkeley's Strategic Leadership Collaborative (School Leadership Program)

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The Leadership Connection for Justice in Education (LCJE) at the University of California, Berkeley offers complement of programs that support leaders at several stages of their leadership career. Specifically, LCJE has established four pathways to effective leadership development: 1) identification and recruitment of aspiring leaders, 2) leadership preparation, 3) induction and retention, and 4) research and best practice sharing. Through specific programs that encompass these four pathways—namely, the Aspiring Administrators Program, Coaching Initiative, Leadership Support Program, and Research into Practice—LCJE hopes to  provide enhanced support to the urban school districts that it partners with, in their full range of leadership development needs. 



Our Role: 

 In an effort to help LCJE understand the requirements and implications of enhanced support for its partner districts, ISKME conducted a study that included in-depth interviews with 18 top-level district administrators from LCJE’s partner districts. The purpose of the interviews was to shed light on how the districts define leadership; how they understand and assess their existing leadership pathways and practices; and how they view the role of the university in supporting their leadership development needs. As such, the two key goals of the study were to identify collaborative support mechanisms and practices that could inform the development of services offered by LCJE to more effectively align itself with district leadership development needs; and to forward the conversations between LCJE and its districts in a way that would help identify the places where LCJE could make a positive impact on its partner districts’ leadership practices. 


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