The Use of Information Systems for Decision-Making in the Community College

Project Start Date: 

This three-year research study, which focused on one community college district, looked at the combined effect of the increased demand for student accountability measures mandated by the State of California (called Partnership for Excellence) and the need for internal research that informs decision-making at the community college level. It examined needs and behaviors around information sharing as well as the relationship between access to information and decision-making. In particular, it looked at how information systems can be used by people within an organization to more effectively influence desired outcomes, namely student success.

Our Role: 

Over a three-year period, the research team took part in more than 200 meetings as participant/observers; conducted 70 formal and informal interviews with a cross-section of administrators, faculty, and staff; conducted 49 in-depth interviews with administrators, faculty, and staff ; and surveyed 250 administrators, faculty, and staff about their use of data and information.

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