Assistant Principal Leadership Development: A Narrative Capture Study

Journal of Educational Administration Volume 52, Issue 2 2014
June 28th, 2014
Publication Author: 
Lisa Petrides, Cynthia Jimes, Anastasia Karaglani
Resource Type: 
Journal Publications
The purpose of this article is to contribute to the knowledge base on the ways in which assistant principals view their roles, and on the potential challenges involved in a distributed leadership model. The study employed a narrative capture method, in which assistant principals from two large urban school districts were asked to relate and self-interpret two leadership stories through a web-based narrative capture form. A total of 90 stories were collected from 45 assistant principals. Participants rated their stories based on a set of leadership indicators (including method of decision making and type of teacher interaction present in the story, among others); the results were analyzed statistically. You can read the original article here.