Cynthia Jimes, Ph.D.

Job Title: 
Director of Research and Learning

As the director of research at ISKME, Cynthia examines the role of knowledge sharing and collaborative problem solving in supporting new processes for teaching and learning. Prior to joining ISKME, Cynthia worked as an education data specialist at and focused on providing parents with data to inform their school choice and school improvement efforts. While living in Sweden and the Netherlands from 1995 to 2004, she worked in both the private and public sectors, holding positions in knowledge management and consulting at McKinsey & Company and Knowledge Values, teaching high school and undergraduate courses in business studies, media theory, and organizational communication, and obtaining her Ph.D. in Information Science from Uppsala University in Sweden.

What are the biggest opportunities for change in education?: 

Based on what we are learning from our research, the biggest opportunities lie in supporting collaborative practices and processes for teachers and learners--including peer-to-peer and cross-disciplinary teaching and learning models, as well as models that incorporate open educational resources (OER) into pedagogy. There is also interesting work to be done in the area of sharing data with students on their own learning, and examining how that sharing can impact metacognition and learning outcomes.

Gives talks on: 

Teacher Collaboration

Knowledge Sharing in Education

Open Educational Resources


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