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OER World Map

Project Start Date: 

For the OER World Map Project, ISKME built a proof of concept for an interactive, scalable map to enable diverse stakeholders—educators, learners, policymakers, researchers, and funders—in identifying and accessing OER and providers in alignment with their needs and interests. As a geographical visualization, the map sought to give underrepresented communities a greater voice by highlighting their OER projects and linking them to the broader global community, and to support OER stakeholders and decision makers by providing OER policy data and education indicators to help these users to assess where OER might have (or has had) the greatest impact.



Our Role: 

For the project, we conducted a scan of existing map initiatives within and outside of the education sector, assessing features and mechanisms for accessible design and display, for viewing and using data, and for engaging communities of users. In addition, we interviewed eight leaders in the OER space to identify ways to leverage prior efforts in the field, areas of need and potential use cases for the map, sources of data for the map, and considerations around community engagement. The information gathered from the review of existing maps and the interviews provided input into the development of a map prototype and a design approach and mockups.

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